About Ratings

As a owner of this site, I have been a passionate gamer over a decade and since then, i have played many many many games . There are so many things I consider before spending money to buy a game.  Of which the graphics and storyline of the game i consider  so important without which any game would be hardly a success.  Besides this there are so many things to consider, which hardly most game review sites forget to consider before rating a game.

In this site, I came up with interesting idea of rating game based on the following parameters.


Impressive Graphics and superb artwork a core component for any game and has become a necessity. The graphics have been taken to a new level these days by game developers with easy availability of computing hardware. Of many games I have played in the decade, games like Gears of War 2, Assasins Creed (for artwork)  and Half Life 2 really captivated me with such delightful graphics and so as millions of gamers.

Main Storyline

Without a solid storyline, any game would be totally incomplete and the game goes nowhere.  Open world or sandbox type games have gained so much popularity and game developers cannot ignore the need for good storyline. Games usually start with intro videos and cut scenes to start the story.  I have never seen a game like Metal Gear Solid 4 where the gameplay has so many videos with each video running about 5-10 mins talking through a storyline. Its as if gameplay is like watching a new movie.

Game Special Effects

Visual & special effects in combat or in gameplay will have a big impact in a game.

Live Bullets flying around you,
Bullets breaking concrete blocks (kane and lynch),
Great Hand to hand combats (like Assasins creed, Godfather),
Tactics like cover (GTA)
Stealth action (hitman, splinter cell),
Natural effects like rain /snow/earthquakes and particle effects,
Realistic Explosions, fire with smoke (Crysis),
Slow motion shooting (max payne) and  Cutscenes for execution (like in Assasins creed)

or it can be anything that gets WOW from you.


Ratings based on online multiplayer experience and simulation. If one would recollect, Games like Counter-strike demonstrated the need for multiplayer action and almost all games released today do come with multiplayer option.

Sound Effects

Sound effects, dialogs and music though may seem abysmal, should never be overlooked by game developers. It can have big impact on the success of the game.  A sweet crisp, barrel like shrill effect gun shots fired from a hand in a game and the sound should influence the player such a way that he will love shooting (headshots) all the time. A game should never ignore sound effects.

New Innovations

New Games should be also rated based on what new innovations and interesting concepts that are brought into a game such as…

– Riding fast horses instead of cars (Assasins creed, Red dead redemption)
– Age of empires (which dominated strategy game industry)
– Shooting shoulder/leg to disable enemy (GTA 4)
– Sneaking under shadows and disabling lights with EM gun (Splinter Cell)
– Car Jacking in motion (Wheelman 2, GTA )
– Gang Fights (GTA San Andreas)
– Internet browsing in Cafe, Mobile phone interaction  (GTA 4)
– Disabling police cars by driving through road side objects (Need for Speed Carbon & Most wanted)

which are pretty interesting to observe. It is worth mentioning that GTA 4 has brought 21 century technology like Internet browsing & mobile phone interaction into game.  I am not sure how many GTA fans would know that inorder to locate the most wanted criminals in GTA 4, you have to steal a police car, run through police scanner for most wanted list and get the street address with GPS location marked in the map. Further uploading a multimedia photo from your mobile to police scanner to run through police records is fun to observe.

User Interaction

Ratings also must conside user interactivity such as  decisions and choices which  influence the outcome of the game. In GTA 4 (Niko must decide who to save girl friend or his cousin Roman)
Fallout 3 is another great example for the user interaction where the game contains number of text dialogs and the player given number of choices for selection

The Secret files (PC) and Fight scenes in Heavy rain and are also some of the best examples of  interaction.

Campaign Gameplay Time

Games must be rated based on play time in completing the main storyline or campaigns.  Early games released few years ago had a plenty of gameplay time in completing the main storyline and its worth the money spent . Unfortunately, most gamers are recently complaining that most games that released these days have a very short gameplay time  in main storyline and campaigns which most games can be completed within 5-8 hrs. With so many games released every monthing and gamers are not happing spending $50-$60 is a lot of money to pay for.