10 Best PS3 Games with SUPERB Graphics


I am such a fan of games with superb graphics and having played many games in PS3 platform and i have to certainly go with the following 5 ps3 games for killer graphics. i have no words to describe the graphics of these games. You just have to see it yourself.

The following are the best i have seen and i believe every ps3 gamer should have in their collection.

1. Uncharted 2 – Among Thieves

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2. Kill Zone 2

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3. God of War 3

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4. Metal Gear Solid 4 – Guns of Patriots

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5. Assasins Creed 2

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6. Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2

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7. Orange Box

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8. Infamous

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9. Heavy Rain

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10. Fallout 3

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Its a hard choice for to pick the above for  the the top 10 and the games like like Heavenly Sword, Final fantasy XII, Demon Souls, Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV, Resident Evil 5, Valkyrie do deserve mentioning.

Let me know what you think and if i have missed a game please comment here.

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33 Responses to "10 Best PS3 Games with SUPERB Graphics"

  • Aaron 12:33 AM 15/8/2010

    You have your own opinion obviously…but really no God of War III? I mean honestly… and no God of War III…or Even Ratchet & Clank Future…wow

    • Brad 08:54 AM 15/8/2010

      I see a lot people saying that God of War 3 should be on the list, which it clearly is a number 3 maybe I need my eyes checked >_<

      • Connor 08:48 PM 26/9/2011

        No your right I see it as well.

    • Leirbag 10:27 PM 03/2/2012

      Here is my list but not in order…
      Portal 2
      GranTurismo 5
      Split Second
      Uncharted 2
      Crysis 2
      Motorstorm: Apocalypse
      Lost Planet 2
      MassEffect 2
      …Nuff Said

      • wyatt 05:31 AM 27/1/2013

        gt5 should be #1

  • WTF 01:47 AM 15/8/2010

    AC2 is the best looking ps3 game? I think you should sell your ps3 and use the money to get your eyes checked…

    • PBU 04:23 AM 15/8/2010

      AC 1&2 has the best artwork rather than graphics.

      • Raghav Sharma 03:57 PM 15/8/2010

        Hands down i believe AC2 is missing in this list !!!

  • Tomas 01:51 AM 15/8/2010

    I don’t know why you would include superb graphics in the title. Pretty much every newly released game on the PS3 looks better than Oblivion and the games in the Orange Box. The Orange Box and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is among my favourite games of all time, but these two games and even Fallout 3 does not belong on a list with heavy focus on graphics.

    As the poster above said: God of War III and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time (or ToD) would have fit in nicely. Even Resistance 2.

  • filipakos 02:16 AM 15/8/2010

    Maybe some people will dissagree with me because the next-gen final fantasy didnt “fullfil” their dreams but it has really awesome graphics

  • edwindows 02:20 AM 15/8/2010

    Seriously, no Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, God of War 3 or Final Fantasy XIII????

  • anonymous 07:36 AM 15/8/2010

    You have MW2, InFAMOUS, and Assassin’s Creed 2…? Did you even play Final Fantasy XIII? That game has better graphics than Uncharted 2 and GOW3….

    • PBU 10:35 AM 20/8/2010

      whats the use of game having just graphics, atleast the game should be fun, afterall we are spending $$. i played final fantasy XIII and i agree graphics is good, but didnt like the game at all.

  • Graphics Whore 07:40 AM 15/8/2010

    God of War3 deserves to be in the top 10. Why are people getting mad?… xbox360 fanboys…

  • Ven 07:49 AM 15/8/2010

    Anyway, you need to take off COD MW2 and Assassin’s creed. Let’s be a little serious here.
    First off, you should’ve also included Wipeout HD on there. As well as Valkyria Chronices.

  • solid snake 12:04 PM 15/8/2010

    Sorry but the first motorstorm was quite a technical showcase of playstation 3’s graphics power which engaged similar reactions from gamers like killzone 2 did when the developers showed actual gameplay people were in just as much shock that the actual gameplay surpassed everybody’s expectations & even the trailer itself.modern warfare 2 is a joke when were talking sheer graphical show casing on playstation 3 & really don’t deserve to replace a technical graphical show case piece like the first motorstorm game.

  • stvw74 01:37 PM 15/8/2010

    one man’s proof is another man’s poison ..

    some of you guys need to grow a set & get on with your lives

  • Zeeky 05:29 PM 15/8/2010

    Lol Im some of you guys are dip shits. Can you not see the games? ‘OH i cant believe uncharted 2 is not on there!’ open your eyes!

  • Tna_sniper 11:42 AM 29/8/2010

    This list is stupid it doesn’t make any sense i’ve played killzone 2 and cod mw2 and the best game graphic is killzone 2 but how could you put heavy rain in the 9th place ? it should be the first and have yo ever sean or played final fantasy xiii the graphic of this game is the best of all

  • PBU 10:16 AM 30/8/2010

    Dont forget that Resident Evil 5 has also some brilliant graphics built into it.

  • JadeYeates 09:38 AM 10/6/2011

    Seriously!?!? Fallout 3 and Oblivion! Even though Fallout 3 is one of the best games I have ever played, the graphics are far from killer!

  • alfred florendo 07:47 PM 27/6/2011

    I think uncharted 2 no doubt should be on the list,but why is red dead redemption not on that list?

  • Anonymous 09:38 AM 03/8/2011

    This is a pretty good list, but I feel that Red Dead Redemption and WipEout HD should be on the list.

  • Lauren 08:10 AM 09/8/2011

    I think Dead Space should be on here D:

  • Gamer 03:32 PM 01/9/2011

    With all the new games coming out at the end of the year, the ones I think are good (seen so far) are:

    COD MW3
    Crysis 2

    Resistance is a Sci-Fi shooter with the third in the main series a big graphics hit compared the it’s predecessors. Also one of my fav games.
    Being cod, yea…modern shooter graphics are like that
    Uncharted is ok for it’s genre
    Fallout is kinda good but not tops, since it’s in 20th century wise. Only played demo
    Crysis has good graphics for the now but it would be kinda toy like in a few decades tech wise.

    Crysis graphics are

    • Connor 08:58 PM 26/9/2011

      Well I’m not to sure about MW3, but I like the look of Rage(which I mentioned in my comment), I think it has great detail and the graphics and facial movement is great, Resistance 3 also looks very good, and I know it’s not the best but Skyrim has some good graphics, the movement of your character and if you look at flowing streams and rivers it also looks very good.

  • Gamer 03:33 PM 01/9/2011

    Random typo at end scratch final line

  • abc 09:55 AM 06/9/2011

    super mario!!!!!!!

  • Connor 08:54 PM 26/9/2011

    Hmm well I no it’s already on the list, but I would put God of War 3 at the top, it really is something else, I have seen Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3, but I still think God of War 3 has to be number 1, also someone said that AC2 hasn’t got the best graphics, but does have the best artwork, which I agree, there is amazing detail in clothing and buildings and the environment, but the facial detail and facial movement could be improved, but no one is perfect. Also if anyone has seen it, Rage a new game coming out soon looks really really good as far as graphics and detail go, It does look a bit cartoony in some places, but the detail and artwork is fantastic.

  • Kent Penn 01:38 AM 01/10/2011

    Red Dead Redemption should be in the top five…LA Noire should be #1….just sayin’.

  • Bob 12:40 AM 22/10/2011

    Resistance 2? Whenever you get up close to the low resolution looking scenery in the game, try and tell me again it belongs in this list

  • Manupigeonb 06:58 AM 09/2/2012

    Hummmm,,,, i would say Dark Souls or battlefield 3… or a small playstation network game Limbo!!! Awesome dark styled puzzle game.

  • Gemma Bridges 02:10 PM 18/5/2013

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