15+ Best Open World Free Roaming Games for Xbox 360


I love open world games. The main reason for it, there is so much to explore the vast map and there is no hurry to finish the game.  I thought posting here would be great reference for those who are searching for open world games for Xbox 360 console.

Here we go!

1. Fallout 3


2. Oblivion – Elder Scrolls IV


3. Assasins Creed 1,2


4. Red Dead Redemption


5. GTA – Grand Theft Auto 4

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6. Saints Row 2


7. GTA – Episodes from Liberty city


8. Red  Faction Guerilla


9. The Saboteur


10. Just cause 1,2


11. Prototype


12. Farcry 2


13. Godfather 1,2


14. Mercenaries 2


15. Spiderman  – Web of Shadows


16. Mass Effect 2


17. Crackdown 2


18. Borderlands


19. Mafia II

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Please note that mass effect 2 and dragon age origins although not exactly open world, it is like travelling from one place to another. It comes close to free roam which is why it is listed.


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77 Responses to "15+ Best Open World Free Roaming Games for Xbox 360"

  • Jordan H 07:29 PM 26/5/2011

    You need to put LA Noire on there, its AWSOME!!!

    • Retore Vermoshe 11:12 AM 25/7/2011

      haha yeah its pretty cool but its stupid how you cant kill civilians, and it gets repetitive really fast.

      • Tdog 11:13 PM 03/8/2011

        I agree 100% after you beat the game, which I managed to do in 1 week. It is pointless and extremely boring. I want my 60 bucks back!!!!!

    • petey4110 12:07 AM 26/7/2011

      no it isnt

    • 0851D14N 02:41 AM 12/5/2013

      L.A. noire is not a free roamer in my opinion free roamers have side missions you can complete after the game like in Infamous 1 and 2 I haven’t play most of the games on here but I have played L.A. Noire and honestly it kind of gets pointless after you beat the main case.

  • MGSRY 04:56 PM 19/6/2011

    Fable ???

    • cara 04:07 AM 27/3/2012

      i would say fable was the best open world game i had ever played for 360. the story line was great graphics are pretty amazing and you can do whatever you want.. i haven’t played the newer one thou because i heard it sucks and my xbox decided to kill its lazer……

  • Ricardo 11:31 PM 23/6/2011

    You can’t even spell ‘awesome’…

    • HoboMan 09:27 AM 04/7/2012

      A lot of people don’t know how to spell it keep you thoughts to yourself and don’t rage

  • Xavier 12:30 AM 01/7/2011

    LA Noire does not work as an open world game, actually the map is amazing and accurate but is completely useless for the game, you can’t even go to the HollywoodLand letters. Actually the game does not need the open world, is a linear game anyway, kind of Allan Wake.

  • Joef360 03:24 AM 12/8/2011

    LA Noire was VERY dissapointing.

    • LUKE 07:26 PM 08/1/2012

      i agree it does get boring after about 10 cases

  • Joshua 08:44 AM 13/8/2011

    NO you should put in fable 3

    • Noah 03:59 AM 28/5/2012

      fable 3 was a disappointment.

      • RaptorJesus 05:11 AM 22/4/2013

        I absolutely dread Fable 3… After 1 and 2, I was excited for it’s release. I traded in 5 great games to get it because I thought it’d be rather epic. Not only did it now qualify as a decent free roam/open world because of the limitations on being able to go anywhere but the set paths they gave you, but the story wasn’t even entertaining. Then you add in crappy mechanics, terrible voice acting, and the fact that if you even half way know how to play video games, it was beatable in 4 hours… Fuck that game… Sold that shit the very next day and got my games back. Never trusting Fable titles again. 1 and 2 are still good though. 😛 As for a good free roam game with a somewhat nice open world, I’d highly recommend Nier Gestalt. It was rated low for it’s graphics, but damn that story is so good and tearjerking…

        • timmydoop 08:39 PM 31/8/2013

          That’s totally a hyperbole. There’s no way you can beat the game in 4 hours. Maybe 24 if you’re lucky, but not four, and the game isn’t even beat once you beat The Darkness. No you have Side Quests. I mean why are you in a free roam form if you don’t complete the side quests. If you don’t even count them towards the beating of the game.
          Because you can’t beat the game without them. You dolt.

  • luke 09:44 PM 28/8/2011

    I noticed ME2 is pretty low but i guess it’s justified because it’s not that open world based it’s an element but was never a focus I think ME was more story

    • LUKE 07:29 PM 08/1/2012

      mass effect is crap

  • Pop 10:07 PM 28/8/2011

    La noire is terrible free roam wise

  • z3uspr0 10:17 PM 15/9/2011

    where Bully Scholarship Edition?

  • Prettyboyswaggs 06:01 PM 21/11/2011

    I think l a noire is a wanna be mafia 2 and i hope the designer of la noire looses his job because i wasted 60 bucks ahhhhhhhh jk

  • Fireguy79 09:30 PM 03/12/2011

    You need to add Batman Arkham City to this list. This game is so addicting.

  • Gam3r 04:43 AM 11/12/2011

    Uhhh what about fable 2,3

  • Matt 11:01 AM 23/12/2011

    You need to add skyrim since we all know it’s the new number 1

    • Max 08:25 PM 18/7/2012

      Nope number 2

    • Alex 08:34 AM 05/8/2012

      Hell Yeah

    • Kason 04:22 PM 05/8/2012

      False. Oblivion was WAY better, and so was Morrowind! Skyrim was too overhyped and a little boring. Fallout, Oblivion, Skate, Minecraft, Diablo, (in my opinion it is Open World) L.A. Noire, and all the games on this list are better. Skyrim is alright, but it’s the weak point of The Elder Scrolls.

      • RaptorJesus 05:15 AM 22/4/2013

        @Kason I agree. Oblivion was a great delivery. And Morrowind was glorious, but weak in the voice acting, only because it wasn’t known enough to get more at the time. If they remake Morrowind with more voices and better graphics, kinda like Halo CE Anniversary, I know Skyrim would be unspoken of for a long time.

  • Hugh Jass 05:55 PM 26/12/2011

    Godfather 2 is the worst free roam game EVER, Mafia 2 is much better with much better everything.

    • John 12:38 AM 24/7/2012


      • Casper 11:05 AM 19/10/2013

        I own both games and The Godfather 2 was horrible. PS2 graphics, shitty gameplay, not much of a storyline, just overall crap. The original Godfather was amazing along with Mafia 1&2.

  • dave 09:24 AM 30/12/2011

    mafia aint open world

    • monsterpony 09:01 AM 02/2/2012

      yeah it is u can free roam during missions. for a real free roam u shuld get the jimmy vendetta dlc pack its pure free roam

  • LUKE 07:24 PM 08/1/2012

    Borderlands should be higher up. the game of the year edition should be on there too.

  • big daddy 01:46 AM 22/1/2012

    Mafia is open world

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  • ninja powder 01:14 AM 02/4/2012

    Fable 3 And Batman Arkham City Also Assassin’s Creed 1,2,Brotherhood and Revelations

  • matt 07:24 AM 06/4/2012

    GTA San Andreas was an amazing free roam game, in my opinion.

    • Landon 08:18 AM 08/7/2012


      • RaptorJesus 05:17 AM 22/4/2013

        San Andreas in the best GTA so far. May not have the great graphics that it seemed it did back when it first came out, but the size of it and the number of things to do made it the best. Hopefully the new GTA 5 San Andreas holds true.

  • Criticalmass88 04:23 PM 09/4/2012

    The Saboteur and Borderlands are not open world.

    • bob 03:54 AM 08/8/2012

      your saying borderlands isn’t open world? what do you think open world means? to me it means that you can free roam through the game and do side quests on big maps. that is borderlands.

    • mrthorston 04:50 AM 09/9/2012

      How on earth aren’t they open world? Have you even played the games?

  • Sam 01:05 AM 21/4/2012

    OK, I don’t believe Skyrim is the new number 1. I believe Fallout 3 still is, Skyrim is open world but Fallout 3 actually has a bigger map. So the graphics aren’t as good….. we aren’t describing graphics my friend, no we are discussing the most interesting,exciting,and largest map available. That is Fallout 3. Fallout 3 has more random events that occur than in Skyrim when you’re exploring. Also, they are about tied in locations. Fallout 3 just has more to it. I also think Bully should be added to this list because not only does it have schoolgrounds, but it has a fairly large town you can explore. I would also reccomend Saints Row 3 since it is quite expansive, but I don’t think you can actually access most of the buildings that occupy the game.

    • Max 08:28 PM 18/7/2012

      You are right

    • Alex 08:36 AM 05/8/2012

      skyrim is most definitely the new number one. have you ever joined a guild of fighters in fallout and then found out many of them were werewolves and were then turned into a lycanthrope yourself. hmm. that ever happened in fallout? didnt think so

      • RaptorJesus 05:28 AM 22/4/2013

        Hey Alex, play Morrowind you dumbass. Had werewolves long before Skyrim, and at least in Morrowind they were badass. Now it’s just a means to have high immunity and something to do when you finally grow up and realize that once you’ve played Skyrim for a day, it’s fucking boring. Hell, go and play oblivion, where at least the Fighters Guild wasn’t fucking predictable and had a long storyline before making you the leader. I believe my first playthrough on it took me almost 6 hours to do. Whereas the Companions Guild took me all of 2 hours, making the love/hate dialog IQ damaging to listen to. “Oh, they’ll let anyone join the Companions these day..”, 2 hours later, “Oh, you’re so great and powerful, you always deserved to be the leader!!”. It’s terrible. If Skyrim truly is the new #1, then I’m afraid it really is just too late for this world. Watch the movie Idiocracy… You’ll see what this world is coming to.

  • BUTTERs 09:28 AM 24/4/2012

    Im a huge open world gamer I’ve played them all the best was either RDR or GTA 4

  • aaa789 07:08 PM 14/5/2012

    Far Cry 2 is freeroam? Then Crysis is too?
    It is mission-based

    • jake 11:19 PM 30/9/2012

      a free roam game can be mission based such as far cry because of the fact that you can go were oyu want when you want and there are side missions

  • Coolio421 09:53 AM 21/5/2012

    Godfather 2 is an amazing game. I also have mafia 2 and it’s a great game and quite possibly better than godfather 2. But still godfather 2 is very fun and is more in depth. You actually feel like a mobster because you can manage your businesses and such. They’re both great games though.

  • Edawna 02:41 AM 09/6/2012

    Can any of you gamers out there recommend an open world or free roam game for my son? He’s only 10. I don’t mind the violence too much but I don’t want one with adult themes like sex, drugs, bar scenes etc.

    • Ian 09:23 AM 11/7/2012

      Fucking spiderman, that’s kind of a given since he’s ten

    • Nsrune3 09:51 PM 21/7/2012

      Oblivions great, there is alcohol but it acts like any other drink, it’s only rated m from a mod on the computer and computer only, there’s no sex or drugs besides tobacco and alcohol. You can kill innocent civilians and steal and there is a bit of racism ( towards other species, elves, Orcs, etc.) that makes people like you less but that’s the worst. He will be playing it a lot longer than the time it takes him to beat it being that even if he does put hundreds of hours into it, he can just go dungeon raiding or buy another house for the hell of it if he’s a millionare. He can collect stuff and it’s almost impossible to run out of stuff to do. And when he does he can just buy skyrim which he should be able to play in a few years.( it’s a bit more, ahh, inappropriate for a ten year old.) skyrim is the same thing with more stuff. Oblivion is 20 bucks at GameStop and the game of the year edition is like an entire other game. (addons ). If he doesn’t like fantasy games than you’ll have to sacrifice a bit.

      • RaptorJesus 05:31 AM 22/4/2013

        Nier Gestalt is also an amazing game. Real great story, graphis aren’t too advanced, but it’s still easy on the eyes, and the gameplay is easy to get the hang of for someone younger. All around a wonderful game. Plus, the soundtrack is just incredible…

  • Sleepingdogs#1 05:42 AM 16/6/2012

    Sleeping will the next best, but what I don’t why is everybody saying fable 3 should be one of the top free roaming games. The map is really small and really boring, like I said sleeping dogs will be the next best free roaming game.

  • king wee wee 12:57 AM 20/6/2012

    i do believe that most of these games should not be on here, most yes are free roams, but then you must say the title is missleading since they arent “the best” the only ones that truely deserve to be up there is borderlands, fallout, grand theft and read dead, as they have no essential “ending” leaving them open ended with you able to finish other missions and then finally do whatever you want

    classification of a free roam: able to go anywhere located on a game after said game is completed,and allows you to repeat story levels or complete any missions left over

    classification of a open end: able to play game even after ending

    • doodlebopper 10:56 PM 15/8/2012

      Just Cause 2 is the best possible free roam on this list. It is so interactive and you can do practically anything including completing left over story missions after you beat the game

    • Itsrainingcows 06:51 PM 25/9/2012

      Lol.. Oblivion is more fun and more freeroam that boarderlands, fallout and red dead. There is so much more to the game than people actually think about.

  • dude 06:53 PM 28/6/2012

    Far cry 2 has no sex or any thing like that and neither does borderlands but borderlands bored the shit out of me

  • dude 06:54 PM 28/6/2012

    Put saints row 2, 3. Also put dead island

  • HoboMan 09:30 AM 04/7/2012

    Please add dead rising 2: off the record

  • basejumper 09:11 PM 19/7/2012

    Open World games are all I play, so I can lend personal experience to this conversation. My list of top 10 open world games, or free roam games that I play the most are in the following order. 10 GTA 4, 9 Fallout 3, 8 GTA San Andreas, 7 Saints Row the Third, 6 Fable 3, 5 Assassins Creed II, 4 GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, 3 Saints Row 2, 2 Sacred 2 Fallen Angel, 1 Borderlands: Game of the year edition.

  • Person 03:20 PM 06/8/2012

    Saints row the third

  • morke herren 03:09 AM 09/8/2012

    cant wait for gta5 check it out on utube and all the shit u can do on there it will be byfar the worlds greatest game and its map is 4x bigger than gta4 lol fucking amazing i cant wait for it to come out p.s it takes place in sanadres or however you spell that but i looked up all the shit about it and its gonna be fucking insane

  • Naterr 11:21 PM 03/10/2012

    GTA IV is great and Fable also

  • Naterr 11:23 PM 03/10/2012

    Borderlands is a good game too

  • The One 01:38 AM 02/12/2012

    Far Cry 3 needs to be at the top, NOW!

  • mark 01:20 AM 20/12/2012

    Dishonnered .fable.skyrim farcry fallout/Vegas.red.dead.mass ef
    fect boarderlands .check out. too human
    la noire wasn’t really free roam made you do what theybwanted we need some new games

  • sparkybroom 05:01 AM 23/1/2013

    saints row the third?!?!

  • RaYmOnDrOiD 08:50 AM 05/2/2013

    I think infamous is pretty fun free roam…
    Prototype n #2 is wicked sweet to in my opinion…

  • Big bone 09:48 AM 05/2/2013

    New vagas all day

  • *brofist* 12:24 PM 24/2/2013

    skyrim is one of the best games oof the elder scrolls because of the big map and graphics plus if you just buy Dragnonborn for xbox you get a hole new map though its not that big. far cry 3 is also one of the best and you should also add dishonnord.

  • Jake 07:57 AM 14/3/2013

    Dark Souls #1.

  • JONATHAN DAVIS 04:13 AM 31/3/2013

    there is something wrong with all the comments, if we say open world we are talking about no restrictive play, borderlands in a way you can consider open world, but not in a true openworld due to the fact in most of the area’s you are set in a linear way, same with Two Worlds, open world meaning no time restrictions, pick your race pick your home, do anything grow in skill and not be restricted, the most accurate open world would be morrowind, oblivion, skyrim, fallout 3, grandtheft auto, red dead, but even though mass effect is a great exploring game it is still linear in the first person, there isnt to many games out there like elder scrolls, i wish there were more out there, and when you even think about the new tomb radier it is still very linear. i say bring out mort games that are completely free world as in free exploring, buying selling, customizing that is where the money will go.

  • Will 02:41 AM 01/4/2013

    Mafia 2 isnt really a free roam game its not as fun as it should have been it got kinda boring cause you dont get to do anything after you actually beat the game its pointless if you could do anything anytime it would be a great game

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