25+ Greatest Games since 1990s

Lets go through back in time and and admire some of the greatest games we have witnessed, cherished all these years. The entire decade in 1990s revolutionized the video game industry and there was giant leap during this period from 2D to 3D and with graphics. Remember the old MS-DOS programs?

Lets take a look on the games from 1990 towards the end of 2000. This year is often considered as the ‘Golden Era’ in the video game industry.

1. Pac-Man

The game almost dominated the early nineties and there is almost nobody who hasnt played this game during their spare time.  Its easy, fun to play immensely popular arcade game.

2. Super Mario

Super mario is a profoundly popular 2D side scrolling platform game, released in 1985 for Nintendo and since then on, it spread like wild fire among gamers, still played today by many.

3. Dangerous Dave

Remember playing Dave in old MS-DOS monochrome monitors, jumping escaping the fire and shooting.

4. Space Invaders

Space invaders is a galactic 2D style arcade game, where you shoot aliens with laser gun.  It became insanely popular in the early nineties.

5. Street Fighter II

Street fighter is a series of fighting games from Capcom popular among gamers for KO and this game kickstarted an era for new fighting games.

6. Prince of Persia

Back those days in 1990s, if there is one game that impressed me with cute sharp graphics at MSDOS level, that is Prince of Persia. I remember tweaking settings of sound card configuration to work with this game and this game is notorious to crash often.

7. Tetris brick game

Most call this ‘brick game’. Everybody played this game from a kid to very old people. Remember the handheld b/w consoles that comes preloaded with this game. Seems like a generation of tetris handheld consoles come and disappeared.

8. Wolfeinstein 3D

Wolfeinstein, was the first 3d game and played this game way back in 1997, those days floppy disks were used.  The world in this game kind of open air and had no ceilings.

9. Blood

Blood captured my imagination and brought fear. It was one of the games i still admire for its game graphics, story and gameplay. It was one of the best 3d games i have played in the late 90s.

10. Doom

Doom gained most popularity in the early 90s for its fiction horror first person shooter. It was played by millions within couple of years of release.

11. Heretic


12. Duke Nukem 3D

13. Need for Speed

The Need for Speed series dominated the racing world, and almost every racing gamer would have played this game in PC or in the console. I remember being a fan of NFS towards the end of 90’s.

14. Road Rash

15. Half Life

Half Life is the game which i really admired in windows platform and enjoyed the game character Gordon Freeman, who takes the fight against hostile alients when an experiment went horribly wrong at Black mesa facility.  Awesome graphics, great storyline and superb gameplay with various weapons. Half life was released in 1998 by Valve.

16. Quake

17. Metal Gear Solid

18. Diablo

19. Unreal Tournament

20. Tomb Raider

21. Age of Empires

AOE is the most addictive strategy games almost everybody loved, from a small kid to elders.  Simple concepts and easy gameplay contributed to a huge success of this game.

22. Grand Theft Auto (1998)

I remember played first time GTA way back in 2000s and much enjoyed this game from top view. The greatness of this game is you can pretty much engage in any sort of violence, even steal tank and go on rampage in the roads.

23. Max Payne

Max payne is one of the greatest games in the late 90s, with a stunning storyline and the games slow motion combat and bullet lines, really impressed me.

24. Mortal Kombat

25. Delta Force

I cannot forget playing Delta force from Novalogic, games way back in the 1998 times as i had so much fun with war games and combat.

26. Command & Conquer – Red Alert 2

27. World of Warcraft


All copyrights and screenshots or game covers belong to the  respective game developers and images source from wikipedia.

I am open to hear if there any other games missing in the list. I would love to add to the list above based on your opinions and suggestions.

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