Mafia 2 looks too short with inconclusive ending!

Mafia II the starting part went very well where Vito comes to Empire Bay after fighting World war II with a suitcase visiting his mom and sistor. For a moment i felt much like GTA beginning and i felt a good emotional attachment to Vito’s friend Joe (just like Niko and Ron in GTA 4).

I honestly felt that Vito would tear apart the city and dons and i anticipated many many missions and gunfights. Much to my disappointment, the main story line is way too short having only 12 mission chapters and i was able to complete the game within 6 hrs. There arent much sidemissions available, except i was so driven to collect playboy magazines in every mission.  When the game ends, one doesnt know what is the fate of Joe is, with Vito and Joe will part ways in two different cars..  I really hate the games with inconclusive endings and i felt the developers of the game were in hurry to complete the game in due release date, otherwise the game would have been a massive hit.

I honestly would have liked the game to have more missions, good action stunts, more side missions and more additions. As far as the gun fights are concerned, i felt boring because the sound effects from bullets fired from the gun arent that great!

Besides the above, Mafia 2 is a great game in terms of graphics/

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