Stuck at Skyrim missions because of glitches!

I was playing Elder Scrolls Skyrim for the past 2 weeks and i am currently in level 45 and completed many many missions as a warrior character. I noticed that i was stuck at couple of missions and it appears to a glitch in the game and never was able to complete.

White phial – Getting Forsworn heart

I kill the forsworn leader up above the hill but even if you take his heart, the mission indicator keeps pointing to him and wont go away. Oh! i killed this leader before and he spawned again i guess. I am thinking if you are killing him first time you wont have this problem.

Nightcaller Temple –  Cant open the door

The priest Erandur, went first inside the temple, and he was nowhere to be found, inside the temple and he totally disappeared.  I cant open anything inside the temple. It seems you have run and enter the temple before him, if you want to escape from the glitch.


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