What are the Best stealth/action spy games available?

i love stealth action combat games and been a great fan of this since long long time.  Although there are only few stealth action games are made, the most notorious and popular ones Hitman and splinter cell series.  But there are other games, which i believe you may not have heard of…available for PS3/Xbox 360/PC versions.

+ Splinter Cell Series ( Double Agent, Chaos theory, Conviction)
Hitman Series (Contracts, Blood money..)
+ Metal Gear Solid (MGS)
+ Thief 3 – Deadly shadows
+ Alpha protocol

    The following games although not entirely stealthy, but has some stealth features incorporated into this game.

    + Assasins Creed
    + Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV (if you sneak and kill you get 3x-6x damage)

    You make like in other Platforms

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    1 Response to "What are the Best stealth/action spy games available?"

    • Chicago Hyundai 04:02 PM 23/3/2011

      dont forget about – The Saboteur – Def one of the better stealth action ww2 games

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