Infamous (PS3)

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Release Date: May 2009
Platforms: PS3
Publisher(s): Sony
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions

Infamous is an a open world action adventure game exclusive for PS3 console.  Electricity is everything in this game and the game has amazing graphics and instead of using conventional guns you manipulate the electricity to kill enemies.  The real fun is climbing buildings and running on roof tops. As you progress the game the more parts of city will get unlocked and you will get access.  Without electricity source you cannot drain power from sources and this means will not be able to use the electricity powers and you will need to go underground and startup generators to restore the power supply to the city.  The game isnt short and has ample gameplay time and plenty of missions to finish.  I am not sure how many have played this game but this game deserves  a spot in top10.

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