Yakuza 3 (PS3)

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Release Date: Mar 2010
Platforms: PS3
Publisher(s): SEGA

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Yakuza 3 is a cinematic storyline of a great fighting game for PS3 console. The game has great hand fighting, good stunts and then and there you can enter various shops to buy items and upgrades. The game has quite new additions like you can enter shops, by items and i would say that the game although not fully open-world, it has bit of free roaming. The fighting with weapons and barehand is really fun and the using nearby objects as weapons is very much fun. You can also use guns in this game, rather than just blades and hand held weapons.

Although the game may look not interesting at the start, as you go progress the game you will start to like a lot. Trust me the game has lot of emotions attached to it.

Oh forgot to mention – This game has plenty of substories and sidemissions along with the main storyline and i am sure it will keep you occupied, unlike most games which can be quickly completed in within one or two days.

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